Food Forests for Schools


Leading the Way in Nutrition and Environmental Education

Food Forests for Schools (前身为“可食用花园倡议”)将可食用花园和食物森林作为迈阿密戴德县公立小学的户外学习实验室,在学习保护环境的同时,向孩子们灌输吃有营养食物的愿望. Students learn curriculum through hands-on production of edible gardens and Food Forests. Meanwhile, 家庭和其他社区成员在花园里工作,参加健康烹饪和园艺讲习班.

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Through Food Forests for Schools, students develop a deeper understanding of the connection between health and their environment. ​


From a pilot program in just 5 schools, the Food Forests for Schools initiative has grown to now involve more than 30,000 students within 71 Miami-Dade County Public Schools, with diverse populations from mostly lower-income families. This is almost 25% of all elementary schools in the district.  


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